Solunar Returns

SolunarReturnWebBy Anne N. Vick

What are solunar returns?

When planets return to their natal positions, these are called planetary returns. Each year when the transiting Sun returns to its natal position, it is called a solar return. Each month when the transiting Moon returns to the natal Sun it is known as a solunar return, or often referred to as your personal new Moon.

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A chart showing your solunar can be used as a daily record and highlights the areas of interest for the month allowing you to plan ahead. Running your solunar return charts several months in advance gives one the opportunity to view the large picture and make necessary adjustments before life comes at you without any warnings.

Setting up the solunar chart

Your solunar, or solunar Moon, is when the transiting moon conjuncts your natal sun. A solunar chart is effective from one solunar Moon to the next solunar Moon. When you set up a solunar chart, you need to start with natal data—whether for yourself, your client, a business or place, or the location of an event. I set up my solunar charts as a bi-wheel, with the solunar in the center and the natal chart in the outer wheel. You could even set up your charts as a tri-wheel. I suggest that you put the solunar in the center, the natal in the second wheel, then the outer wheel could be a progression, or whatever you want. As with any chart work in astrology, I cannot emphasis enough the importance of using accurate data.

This book includes step-by-step instructions for setting up a Solunar chart using Matrix Solar File Gold, and Kepler astrology software.

Interpreting the solunar chart

Once you have set up your solunar chart, it is time to interpret it. A solunar chart never stands alone—it is always run in conjunction with another chart, such as a natal or progressed chart. You might find it helpful to print out separate natal and solunar charts to compare with your bi-wheel.

This book was written based on a presentation to astrologers who have a working knowledge of delineating charts and a thorough understanding of house. If you are new to astrology, make sure you have your favorite reference book handy to look up information about the interpretations of planets and houses and how the sign will show how a planet will manifest its energy. Also keep in mind that the houses and the inter-relationship of derived houses are equally important. This can bring to light other persons or things represented by the houses. The book goes on to describe fifteen steps for interpreting your solunar chart.

Charts Included in Solunar Returns

Solunar Returns by Anne N. Vick includes charts and analyses of charts for

  • The 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon
  • Christopher Reeve
  • Michael Jackson
  • Terry Schiavo
  • and more


This book is available
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